About Us

Our Clients are important to us. Radically, you are our top priority. We actualize the sketch which correspond to all your designs.  ASCON designers guarantee results that will please our clients. Our company’s masters will polish off extremely short time and develop design projects that will match the sketches provided and turn your dreams into reality. For decorations we provide crafts by highly specialized workers
supplied with the finest materials, which are selected in strict accordance with the style. Designers will offer lighting fixtures, textiles and furniture that will not only organically complement the interior, but will please you.

We Design it for your comfort.

Interior Design

We develop and implement turnkey interior designs.

Design Requirments

High-quality design, competent drawings and instructions for builders, understanding the reality of the designed solutions and the budget for implementation.


Full compliance of works and materials with quality, aesthetics, safety and work flow charts. Potentially, these are reliable structures made of quality materials according to the design project and functional requirements.

Selection according to the budget

Selection according to the budget, optimization if necessary, on-site presentation, logistics from the supplier’s warehouse directly into the hands of the builders, legal and financial guarantees.


The right design is a combination of style, trends, functionality and aesthetics. In order to create the right design you need experience, responsibility and professionalism. 

Design Elements

Searching for optimal offers for all design elements, processing commercial offers, working with catalogs, searching for performers of certain types of work.


We are now a proud partner of CASTAMO Istanbul Furniture.