After people achieve something in life, there comes a time for new aspirations.
It is time to slowly look back at the path traveled, but not to stop, but to start searching for something more, including material confirmation of the peaks reached.There is hardly anything better able to embody the life philosophy of a person than his own house.
Even having several apartments, you will never get such an indescribable feeling of a “family nest” or just a calm place for meditation and restoration of mental strength, as in a country estate. Refined taste, elegance, durability and affordability – these are the qualities that formed the basis for our development of the “Estate with Stained Glass” project. Thanks to the graceful lines of the decor on the facade, the house has an elegant, sophisticated look. Here luxury classics are combined with practicality and economy of engineering solutions. The estate can be picturesquely located both on a large territory and on a medium-sized plot. We strive to provide a comprehensive service, and therefore assume all responsibilities for the execution of the project. This allows you to carry out part of the work on the construction site in parallel with the design, and design to carry out the real equipment and materials used.

Total area of the house – 699.65 m / sq
Basement total area – 105.60 m / sq.
The total area of the 1st floor – 243.10 m / sq.
The total area of the 2nd floor – 216.61 m / sq
Total attic floor – 134.34 m / sq
Terrace area of the 1st floor – 88.45 m / sq.
The height of the 1st floor is 3,500 m.
The height of the 2nd floor is 3,500 m.
The height of the attic floor is 3,800 m.
Building dimensions: 21,150m x 24,800m
In the basement there are:
– gym;
– sauna with showers and relaxation room;
– room for storing weapons;
– wine storage room.
On the 1st floor there are:
– a large hall with a second light;
– living room with fireplace;
– cabinet – library;
– guest bedroom with wardrobe;
– bathroom;
– kitchen with pantry for storing food;
– furnace.
On the 2nd floor there are:
– hall with stained-glass windows;
– two children’s bedrooms with balconies, wardrobes and bathrooms;
– master bedroom with two large wardrobes – male and female;
– master bathroom with access to the balcony and bathroom.

On the attic floor there are:
– billiard room with a bar;
– hookah room;
– a bathroom.
The facade is made in the Baroque style.
Exterior decoration – natural stone: travertine, marble, granite.
The roof is slate. Windows and doors – wood + aluminum.
Railings for balconies and terraces – casting.