Royal Residences


Royal Residences
The total area of the house - 1482.00 m / sq
Basement total area - 387.00 m / sq.
Obshchaya ploshchad' 1 etazha - 800,00 m/kv 35/5000 The total area of the 1st floor - 800.00 m / sq.
The total area of the 2nd floor - 295.00 m / sq.

There is a ring road on the territory of the estate, with the help of which you can drive directly to the main entrance and go back. There is also an entrance from the other side of the site, at which there is also a guard.
Symmetrical buildings stretch along the entrance gates – these are covered, open garages and a car wash for the owners and guests of the house – on the right. And living quarters for staff serving the estate and the surrounding area are on the left. The staff quarters are adjoined by a stable for 4 horses with an outdoor paddock.
A regular French park is laid out in front of the main facade: a lawn, sheared shrubs of a geometrically regular shape, flower beds in the form of classical ornaments, a sculpture and a fountain in the center as the main element of the park’s composition.
Also on both sides of the park are gazebos with marble columns and a cast openwork dome braided with greenery. A little closer to the estate, there are also symmetrically located cascades of fountains in the form of shells of various shapes.
The rear façade overlooks an artificial reservoir with a bridge in the middle. If we cross the bridge we find ourselves on a platform with a colonnade with marble columns in the form of a semicircle. The upper part of the colonnade is also connected with openwork casting with weaving greenery. On such a site, you can celebrate big family holidays, weddings, or just hold parties with friends in the open air near a backlit pond. The entire territory is illuminated by lanterns, the facade of the manor also has night illumination.
Near the reservoir there are also 2 gazebos in which you can divide, for example, into two companies – male and female.
A special element of the landscape design of the estate is the sheared bush labyrinth. The height of the labyrinth is 2 m., In the middle there is a small area with a fountain and benches where you can retire to read your favorite book.
The rest of the site is buried in the greenery of an orchard, you can grow your favorite fruit tree here, enjoy the singing of birds or just have a family picnic.

Total area of ​​the house – 1482.00 m / sq
Basement total area – 387.00 m / sq
The total area of ​​the 1st floor – 800.00 m / sq.
The total area of ​​the 2nd floor – 295.00 m / sq.

Terrace area of ​​the 1st floor overlooking the lake – 113.00 m / sq.
Terrace area of ​​the 1st floor in front of the main entrance – 44.00 m / sq.
The height of the 1st floor is 5,000 m.
The height of the 2nd floor is 7,500 m.
Building dimensions: 60,780m x 23,200m

In the basement there are:
– fitness room with a games room;
– wine Vault;
– rooms for nanny, butler and housekeeper with wardrobes and bathrooms;
– pantries;
– laundry and heating room;
– food storage and refrigerating chamber.

On the 1st floor there are:
– a huge oval hall with a second light;
– fireplace and portrait room with access to the backyard terrace;
– master bedroom with wardrobe and bathroom;
– 3 children’s bedrooms also with wardrobes and bathrooms;
– guest bedroom with wardrobe and bathroom;
– parents’ bedroom with wardrobe and bathroom;
– kitchen;
– dining room with a winter garden and access to the backyard terrace;
– a swimming pool with a relaxation room, showers and a sauna.

On the 2nd floor there are:
– library with a large balcony overlooking the backyard and terrace;
– cabinet – library;
– gambling hall;
– living room with fireplace;
– billiard room;
– a bathroom.

Facade finishing:
1. Roof – slate
2. Facade – Limestone (sandstone)
3. Base – Limestone (sandstone)
4. Entrance staircase – marble
5. White decorative elements on the facade – marble
6. All small achr. forms (sculptures, fountains, gazebos) – marble with casting elements.

At the entrance to the territory there are:
guard towers on both sides of the gate;
garage for 4 cars;
covered parking for 5 cars;
car wash;
a stable with a corral and a room for a groom;
living quarters for the staff serving the estate – 300 m / sq