A Moments of Best Creation.

Our projects are made from the Idea that is suitable for a specific person, family, and business. Over and above we correspond to a person’s lifestyle, habits, character that match completely.
Moreover, ASCON Trading & Cont. are bearing on the result that is always better than the client could imagine. We can promise a standard and quality Architecture. We concern nothing but bringing smiles to people’s faces as we are designing their homes. Any project of the company is developed in cooperation with the client in order to meet their demands and expectations. Furthermore, we will professionally complete the task, thinking over the details precisely for the joy of Best Living.
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The Luxurious Decorations are crafted by highly specialized Interior Designers.

We Create a Trendy Luxury Designs by Following:

1. Acquaintance with your vision of space, style and wishes.
2. Collection of information (all necessary measurements of the premises, taking into account engineering communications, as well as photographing the object).
3. Object analysis, concept development.
4. Development of planning solutions (3-5 options).
5. 3D visualization (2-3 edits as needed).
6. Working documentation (all necessary drawings for project implementation).

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In ASCON, it is our priority to provide the clients with nothing but the best. We are here to help you accomplish the design of your dream house. based on your preferences we will design the rooms in your house. we provide modern and luxurious schemes from living rooms to corners and kitchens. Whether you are renovating your house or decorating it from scratch.




If you are redesigning your child’s room or want to build it from scratch, we provide modern and cozy ideas for children’s bedrooms – with all budgets, styles and fuss levels catered for. Our schemes are based on a wide spectrum that suits all ages, from nurseries for new born ones to toddlers and teenagers, plus fun playroom ideas for the children to enjoy their time in.




Furniture is your signature in your own home. In ASCON we help you build your own designs. Designing various sets of Upholstered furniture.

– Various sets for the living room, bedroom and children’s room, corners, modular sofas, armchair beds, banquets, poufs, etc…
– Bedrooms (beds, modular sets, a wide selection of side tables, dressers, dressing tables, wardrobes and accessories).
– Mattresses (orthopedic, spring and non-spring type, mattress covers, blankets, pillows, etc.).
– For home (tables, modular systems, chairs, walls, sideboards, pencil cases, shelves, mirrors, modus, illumination, etc.).
– Children’s (various types of beds, including 2-tier beds, wardrobes, desks and desks, armchairs, high chairs, bed linen, etc.).
– Kitchen (headsets, corners, tables, stools, countertops, bases, sinks, household appliances, etc.).
– Hallways (wardrobe hangers, walls, wardrobes, mirrors, etc.).
– Bathroom accessories (shelves, pallets, mirrors, bathtubs, laundry baskets).
– Design products (craft products in a wide variety of models).
– ECO products for living spaces (wooden furniture and chipboard products).
–Arabic Majlis /Luxury Corner Living Room
–Coffee Corner or Business Furniture
–Modern Outdoor Furniture /Garden Patio Furniture Outdoor Seats

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The scope of the company’s services is architectural design and interior design of residential, public and infrastructure facilities. High professionalism and creative approach to work distinguish all our projects from large public buildings to private residential interiors.

Our job is to find a rational, aesthetic and economically viable solution to our task.

House projects from are developed taking into account the current design and construction standards and building materials available for sale. The design documentation is detailed and contains a full set of working architectural and construction drawings, as well as the necessary package of documents for further approval.

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The best prices for building materials and more advantages of the ASCON construction company. We guarantee our clients the finest designs.

1. Guaranteed quality: we only work with brands whose building materials meet industry quality standards.
2. Huge assortment: we have collected such a number of offers that not every hardware store can boast of, because we know all the necessary information about all the goods at once, which we use in our work and which we can share with you.
3. Promotions and discounts: the company has all the relevant information on various building materials and regularly offers promotional prices, discounts, sales and loyalty programs.
4. European accuracy: storage, loading, transportation and unloading of materials is carried out with the utmost care.
5. And once again the price: of course, the cost is the most important factor in the choice, and ASCON can offer a product with an optimal combination of quality and price.
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We provide a variety of Decorative Paint options. The various colors with natural tones, give coatings oriented to taste and simplicity. we provide solutions of sophisticated style with surfaces resistant to air pollutants and protected from the development of mold and algae.